GWIS Chicago set a global mission to create more mentorship opportunities for its membership base, specifically to offer our new members support for their science-related career goals and a mentorship opportunity for our more established members. Towards this, we created a formal mentorship program to pair junior- and senior-career level members together as mentor and mentee, respectively. It is our intent that, once matched, these relationships allow dedicated space and time to discuss career development and to set reasonable goals for advancement. If you are interested in becoming a mentor or having a mentor, please fill out the following form or email us at



Please note that the mentorship program does not expect mentees to work in the laboratories of their mentors nor is it the goal of the GWIS Eta mentorship program to find individuals a specific job or research experience. Rather, our program facilitates meetings between mentees and mentors during outside of work hours 3-4 times a year to discuss career development more broadly. Most of our matches spend this time working on CV’s, practicing how to give scientific presentations, discussing opportunities for networking, and talking through issues surrounding work/life balance.