Thank you for your interest in becoming a GWIS member. Once you sign up for GWIS, you are automatically enrolled in both National GWIS and your chapter of choice.


Professional, non-student members. Annual dues are $85.


Reduced fees for Postdoctoral Associates and Regular Members facing financial uncertainty. Annual dues are $60.

Graduate Student

Members who are registered for an advanced degree (Masters or PhD). Annual dues are $40.


Retired members. Annual dues are $35.

National Life Member

Regular members who have elected to pay life membership dues. This is a one-time National payment of $650, and covers national dues. Members will still have to pay $20 per year for chapter dues.


Affiliates are individuals who support the GWIS organization but do not hold a baccalaureate or higher degree. This includes undergraduate students who are studying in a STEM field, and anyone who supports the mission of the organization. This is a non-voting membership, and annual dues are $15.